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Our Eye patches are the finest on the Internet!

  Colorful, Unique and Fashionable designs!

  Adjustable elastic for continued fit!

  Hand cut, sewn, and formed!

  Our Patches Stay in Place and last!

  Our eye patches work on either eye!

  Choose from sizes XXX-Small through Large!

  Over 30,000 different eye patch combinations!

   Soft, more Fun to wear than our competitors!

  Pet Patches also available!

Now Eye Patching at its very best!

  Post Eye surgery

  Ptosis or drooping eyelid

  Amblyopia (lazy eye)

  Limitation of Ocular Motility

  Droopy eye covering

Warming a Prosthetic Eye

Sharpshooter Competition

A Partially Blind Eye

Orbicularis Weakness

Paradoxical Lid Retraction

Eye Palsies

Flesh Eating Bacteria

Cogan's Lid Twitch

Exposure Keratitis

intermittent Diplopia


Grave's Disease

Eye Misalignment

Over productive thyroid

and other eye diseases

Thank  you  for  your  business


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